Advocacy and Support

Cranwell International Center assists all international visitors in adjusting to life in the Virginia Tech community.

The staff at the Cranwell International Center provides advocacy and assistance to anyone in need that has an international focus. If you are an international member of the community or you are a member of the community working with an individual from another country, please feel free to contact the International Center. If the need is urgent, please contact the International Center via the Urgent number in the contact information.

The staff at the Cranwell International Center will advocate for you in matters of Student Conduct and Honor Court. Referrals can be coordinated with appropriate legal help if you are involved in a criminal or immigration matter.

Assistance can also be provided with specific or general concerns that might include:

  • Adjustment difficulties
  • Immigration
  • Financial concerns
  • Family issues (parents or dependents)
  • Health care issues
  • Academic concerns
  • Roommates and friend concerns
  • Loneliness
  • Eating problems
  • Safety issues

We invite you to visit the Cranwell International Center as often as necessary to receive a variety of information about community issues, local activities, the Town of Blacksburg, and a variety of other services.

The staff at the Cranwell International Center will meet with you, or assist you in finding an agency better suited to help with your individual problem. Most discussions are confidential.

The Cranwell International Center staff will be happy to provide information to eligible internationals about how to obtain a Social Security number or a driver’s license. The International Center offers income tax software each year for assistance with completing your income tax returns.

The Cranwell International Center coordinates with various groups in the community to provide a variety of services and programs for spouses who are accompanying students or scholars to Virginia Tech. The staff at the Cranwell International Center is always available to assist with the issues or problems of any international spouse.

International families can find assistance regarding school registration with Montgomery Public Schools, health services with Montgomery County Health Department, child care, and recreational activities. All dependents must have health and accident insurance.