International VOICES (Valuable Opportunities for Intercultural Communication, Education, and Sharing) at Virginia Tech showcases the global diversity at the university by facilitating opportunities for international students to share their culture, global perspectives, and life experiences with the broader community.

International students speak about their home countries and cultures to classes, community organizations, and other groups through presentations, small group conversations, and panel discussions. Their authentic voices give attendees an interactive experience, encouraging intercultural communication, education, and sharing.

The program provides international students with opportunities to:

  •       Talk to an interested audience about their culture, religion, traditions, and other topics
  •       Help break down stereotypes, misjudgments, and prejudices
  •       Improve your public-speaking skills
  •       Form relationships with people on campus and in the community
  •       Contribute to a more open and accepting campus and community 
  •       Help prepare Virginia Tech students to be global citizens
  •       Add meaningful experience to their resume

Cranwell International Center will provide public speaking training and support, as needed. International students will receive a Certificate of Participation whenever they present at an event.

Don't miss this opportunity to share your story and your voice!

If you're interested in becoming a student presenter, please submit your registration below or contact the Cranwell International Center with further questions.

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Virginia Tech faculty, staff, student groups, and community members may submit a request to International VOICES for an international student to be a presenter. Upon receipt of the request, Cranwell International Center will review our database of international student presenters and match knowledgeable students with requesters.

Most requests are for a panel format with multiple students participating. Common topics include:

  •       General country overviews, including culture, demographics, government, and economy
  •       Viewpoints on current or historical events
  •       International student perspectives on U.S. culture and society
  •       International student experience at Virginia Tech
  •       Etiquette and business practices across cultures
  •       Formal presentations

The International VOICES program can provide an international experience for Virginia Tech students and community members without leaving Blacksburg!

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the nearly 4,000 international students from over 100 countries who are enrolled at Virginia Tech!

If you're interested in having a student presenter, please submit your request below or contact Xiaotian Li, Assistant Director for Advocacy and Support in Cranwell International Center, with further questions.

Note: Please sign-up at least one month ahead of the desired event date in order to allow ample time for presenters to prepare.

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