The staff members at the Cranwell International Center offer students assistance with adjusting to the academic system within your department and the classroom. We will assist you in dealing with any issues that arise in your new academic setting.

A staff member will talk with you about the issue and discuss possible ways to resolve the problem. We will not make your decision for you, but through discussion we will help you to find a way to manage the situation.

Some recommendations for working with a professor, instructor, or graduate assistant:

  1. Come to the Cranwell International Center as soon as you feel that there may be a problem or there is something that you do not understand. The staff members at the Cranwell International Center are very knowledgeable about campus resources. The sooner you come to us, the easier it will be to work with your academic department.
  2. When you meet with an instructor, advisor, or administrator individually, prepare ahead of time. Think about your questions and write them down. At the meeting, try to be clear and concise about what you are trying to say or ask.
  3. Understand the limitations and intentions of education at Virginia Tech. Do not assume that what was acceptable in your home institution will work the same way here. If you are uncertain about any rules or expectations, please contact the Cranwell International Center or a similar resource.
  4. Relationships are an important part of the academic experience. Relationships with faculty and advisors are important for academic success. If you are having difficulty with these relationships, seek advice from another instructor, advisor, or the Cranwell International Center.
  5. Approach your education at Virginia Tech with confidence and a sense of discovery!

Adapted from NAFSA publication “U.S. Classroom Culture,” 2004.