Intercultural Assessment

At the Cranwell International Center, we believe that intercultural development can happen in every learning environment. We are pleased to offer faculty, staff, and students holistic intercultural development support from learning outcomes, curriculum suggestions, to assessment support. Below, please find information on intercultural assessment. To discuss intercultural assessment options or to request support for learning outcomes or curriculum please contact Lia Kelinsky-Jones, Associate Director at  


All of these inventories and assessments can be used to promote self-reflection, group dialogue to foster intercultural awareness, and as a pedagogical tool to design training or curriculum.

The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) provides groups and individuals with a baseline of their intercultural development. A 2-hour group debrief is required for groups to receive their profile, and a follow-up 45-minute debrief is required for individual profiles. The IDI is useful for individual and group-level development; institutional or program assessment or as a needs assessment for intercultural training design. The cost is $12 per student and $18 per faculty/staff. Select faculty members in CIC are Qualified Administrators licensed to administer and debrief the IDI.

Global Competence Aptitude Assessment (GCAA)® provides individuals with instant feedback on eight dimensions of global competence, and group reports are also possible. The GCAA can be used for program assessment including student learning outcomes, institutional assessment, or to inform personal or group development plans. A 360 feedback version is also available. CIC can assist you in administering and debriefing the assessment. The current cost for Virginia Tech staff/faculty/students is $15.50 an assessment.