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VT World Cup 2019
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The 14th Annual Virginia Tech World Cup is scheduled for Saturday, April 27, 2019! This event is made possible through the Virginia Tech World Cup Executive Committee (WCEC) and the Virginia Tech Men's Soccer Team, in partnership with Cranwell International Center (Division of Student Affairs), International Graduate Student Services (Graduate School), International Support Services (Outreach and International Affairs), and other campus and community partners. With a goal to promote sports as an avenue for sociability, formative interaction, and collective spirit, the WCEC is committed year-round to increasing interactions between diverse communities, while providing a catalyst for long-term organizational development and partnerships.

This combination draw and tournament functions as a mini-conference, examining the cultural and historical formation of national and regional identities through public and civic engagement in the global sport of soccer. The participation of students, faculty, staff, and alumni of any Virginia university or college, with past participants including James Madison University, Radford Univeristy, Virginia Military Institute, and Hollins University, is welcomed! 

  1. Start by creating your team roster! Get creative: add in roommates, suitemates, neighbors, friends, classmates, and even your favorite professor - from near or far. Teams are allowed a minimum of 7 players and a maximum of 13. 
  2. Fill out the registration form by April 19, 2019 - there is a $250 team fee. Your registration is not final until the fee is received (cash only) at the VT Men's Soccer office (309 M Cassell Coliseum) Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061).
  3. You will be sent your schedule after all teams have registered, but please be prepared to start at 8 am on April 27, 2019.  Registration will take place 30 minutes before your first game of the day. The event will run from 8 - 5 p.m.

It is important for everyone to understand that we want to provide a fun safe environment. Every player is playing at their own risk and we will call the games very tight to protect everyone. You can read over the policies and rules, as well as download the PDF version, below.

VTWC RulesandPolicies 2019.docx

Each team must have at least one player associated with a Virginia College or University. That person may be Student, Faculty, Staff, or Alumni.

Each team is allowed an unlimited number of ex-college players.

All players must produce a valid ID (college or license is fine) at check-in before they are allowed to begin playing.

Participants may only be registered for ONE team.

Each team will have 7 players (6 fielders & 1 goal keeper). Six extra players can be registered and used as substitutes, for a total of 13 players per team.  The roster must be finalized by the VTWC Draw.

Players must carry a dark and light shirt for all matches and all players of a team will have to wear similar colors in order to differentiate teams.

If you are found to have an illegal player, your team will be immediately disqualified, giving your opposing match-ups a 3-0 win automatically. 


Matches will start on time - if a team is not complete and ready to play at the start time, the team will automatically forfeit the match.

Matches are 24 minutes with a running clock.


Referees will give yellow/red cards to players exhibiting questionable behavior, such as targeting the opposing player instead of the ball; using their hands intentionally to stop a goal (with the exception of the goalkeeper); or tackling a player unnecessarily.

In the case of a yellow card, the player must sit for five minutes. A second yellow card within a single match will result in sitting out until their next match

In the case of a red card, the player will have a minimum one-game suspension. If the red card is for a violent tackle/play or a fight, the player will be suspended for the rest of the event and escorted off the premises.


Referees will be utilizing FIFA rules as a basis for all calls. 

Referees will use their best judgment in making fair calls, but they are not professionals and this tournament is for pure enjoyment of the game, it is not a competition.

When in doubt, referee and VTWC committee member decisions will be final.


No offsides. 

No slide tackles - this will result in an automatic yellow card. 

Goalkeeper is not allowed to punt the ball or throw the the ball past half field. 

Substitutions are permissible on any dead ball situtation, regardless of who has the ball. 

Fights/Altercations will not be tolerated. In the case of such an event, both teams may be disqualified, regardless of which team initiated it, and will be subject to University Judicial review.  This is valid for all matches. 

1st round will consist of 4 games for each team; the top team(s) in each group based on points (3-win, 1-draw, 0-loss) will move on to the quarterfinals. If there is a tie in points after the 1st round, quarter-finalists will be based on this order:

1. Head to head

2. Goals For

3. Goals against

4. Penalty Shootout

Winners of the quarterfinals will then go to semi-finals, and then finals. If the number of groups are uneven, there will be “wild card” teams chosen in order to make an even number of quarter-finalists based on this order:  

1. Head to head

2. Goals For

3. Goals against

4. Penalty Shootout (best of 5)

If there is a 3 or more team tie after 1-3, then we will flip multiple coins, 1 for each team.  The team that is the odd one out will move on to the quarterfinals. If an elimination game ends in a draw, wins will be determined based on this order:

1.     5-minute golden goal (sudden death)

2.     Penalty Shootout (best of 5, with 1 additional shot until victory, if necessary)

The soccer/lacrosse practice fields are located off of Southgate Drive:

  • Turn on to Southgate from US-460 and take a left at the first stop light on to Beamer Way.
  • Take a second left for parking in the main lot, adjacent to the Jamerson Athletic Center and the practice fields.

Questions about the tournament rules and regulations? 

Contact Kyle Renfro by email or by phone at 434-942-6823.

Questions about the online tournament registration? 

Contact Stephanie Montana, Cranwell International Center, by email or by phone at 540-231-6527.

Come for the tournament, stay for the 60th Annual International Street Fair!

12-5 PM on Sunday, April 28